Berlin based Python/Django Agency

CosmoCode is a software development agency in Berlin focusing on Python/Django applications. Python/Django apps are robust, fast and come with mature security concepts out of the box.

As a Django agency, we have a strong focus on operational processes. Digital business processes make their impact when they fit the business and reduce labor, not create more of it. Python and Django provide a technical infrastructure that allows database applications and data-driven apps to be developed economically. We also have an excellent understanding of other technologies (Java, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++), so we can easily interface with existing solutions and systems.

As an agency, we also very much service oriented. Combined with our other business units, we take a holistic view of our customer's tasks and undertakings - as an analytical system house with a strong system and technology focus, as an agency with communication and service focus, and as a wiki consultant with knowledge management and compliance perspectives.


The programming language Python and the application framework Django are the first choice when it comes to developing individual internet applications.


Digitizing business processes relieves employees of monotonous data entry and transmission tasks. Workflow automation provides excellent data processing where manual intervention is only necessary when human decisions are essential. Django allows business objects to be securely modeled and connected to existing legacy databases.


To enable data exchange between components within an IT infrastructure, Django provides interfaces to define custom APIs or access third-party APIs. With the Celery extension, a messaging/job queue is also available to process data asynchronously.


Django is perfect for programming database applications to manage business objects. The builtin migration tools also ensure that when changes are made to the data structures (schema evolution), the database tables are automatically migrated to the new structures.

Django offers adapters for Postgres, MySQL, ORACLE and SQLite, we prefer Postgres. The built-in administration tool provides out-of-the-box viewa and editing forms for the database tables.

Quality software is our passion

We love good code. Because we want to have fun not only when building the application, but also when maintaining and enhancing it in the future.

For this reason, we consistently focus our development processes on quality assurance: Through programmed unit tests, through 4-eyes principles during code merges, through automated deployment without risky "hands-on" processes, through traceable documentation from idea to implementation.

And above all: by clean code from our experienced Django developers.

CosmoCode's expertise as a developer for Python/Django apps

CosmoCode has been developing custom applications for 20 years and thus has extensive expertise not only from a technical point of view, but also experience in the long-term operation of such applications.

Consulting and concept

Using a concept workshop, we determine the requirements and develop the detailled concept documents. Data flows, operating sequences and interaction templates are visually represented if required. We maintain all information in a project wiki - this is also available to you.

Agile development

Wir entwickeln die Anwendung in enger Abstimmung mit Ihnen; das konkrete Vorgehen ergibt sich aus dem Zeitkontingent, welches Sie als Kunde in das Projekt mit einbringen können. Wir arbeiten nach einer agilen Methodik mit kurzen Entwickungszyklen. Die Priorisierung wird mit Ihnen abgestimmt.

We create the application in close coordination with you. The exact process is tailored, depending on how much you as the customer want to be involved in the development. Work is done according to an agile methodology with short development cycles where priorities are always under your control.

Rapid development

We work according to the CI/CD principle (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment). Features and functions are delivered onto the test and staging systems at short notice. You have access to these systems and have insight into the development status at any time.

React frontend

Frontend technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, leading to web applications that are now almost similar to desktop applications. We rely on the React framework, which was developed by Facebook for building its website and made available to the public as an OpenSource solution.

Django References

A selection of our Django projects:

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