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Our Profile

CosmoCode is your strategic IT partner when it comes to realizing your online business ideas.

For 20 years we have been supporting startups and companies in realizing their projects.

A successful web application must offer the user a high benefit. This is rarely achieved with the first throw, because the way there often brings new insights into the target group. With CosmoCode you not only gain an IT partner for the technical implementation, but also an experienced contact person with whom you can discuss and develop your online strategies.

With the right mix of conceptual elaboration and agile approach, we create a framework that defines the goal in a binding way, while allowing you to introduce new requirements during development.

Agile project management and adaptable software are key factors to ensure that your app not only launches successfully but also learns to fly.

With consistent documentation and transparency in the execution of work, we offer an always traceable work progress, which is the core of a reliable partnership: trust.

Our Services

Digital Strategic Consulting

Web applications have organizational and technical interfaces with business processes. A holistic view helps to include all affected operational activities.

After all, web applications must not only enjoyable to use, but should also be efficiently maintainable and controllable for the operators and processors on the company side.

Software Conception and UX

During conception, your ideas become digital processes (use cases). Starting from concept workshops, we develop drafts (mockups) of the page views, and work them out from A to Z. The result is a comprehensive functional and technical description of the project.

In interaction design, we emphasize efficiency and effectiveness. After all, the user's attention is a valuable asset: the faster the goal is reached, the less frustration and the resulting abandonment.

Agile Software Development

CosmoCode has been working for many years according to the agile methodology with the involvement of the customer. In fixed (usually two-week) development cycles, successive product progress is realized. Milestones with intermediate acceptanc criteria ensure that despite all agility, time and cost is not lost sight of.

Interface Design

CosmoCode's focus is functional design. If desired, we incorporate specifications from our clients' in-house agencies, or suggest suitable design agencies when it comes to developing a completely new digital design line.

Hosting and Maintenance

High operational availability with fast response times are self-evident quality requirements for web applications. CosmoCode's Admin Team operates a professional hosting and maintenance infrastructure, which is the result of years of experience in running a wide variety of customer systems.

If you don't notice the team's work, we're doing everything right. Nevertheless, in the background, cyberattacks are constantly defended against, backups are created, system resources are monitored, software updates and security patches are applied.


Careful documentation of all agreements and thorough accounting of the work done creates transparency and trust.

Software documentation is in our genes anyway - we use the popular wiki system DokuWiki, which was originally developed for exactly this purpose for CosmoCode and is now one of the most popular OpenSource Wiki systems in the world.

Service and Support

After the completion of the project you can rely on CosmoCode. With customizable service and support agreements (SLA), you get the security of being able to adapt your application to changing needs at any time.


A selection of our projects:

Technologies and Tools


The Python programming language and the powerful Django application framework is our preferred base technology for programming robust and maintainable web applications.

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We like to use the PHP programming language when it comes to developing ballast-free, lean special solutions.

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We use the JavaScript framework React to develop highly interactive web applications.

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All tasks are documented in the project management software Jira. Our customers have direct access to the system to clarify requirements and have direct contact to developers.


For each major development project, we set up a separate project wiki where the concept is created and updated, and all meetings are documented.


For your application we provide test, staging and production systems, which are operated with the stable Linux operating system Debian.


Your application will be optimized for all necessary device classes using responsive design: desktops, tablets, smart phones.


Your application will be optimized for search engines; this includes the technical aspects such as image SEO and rich snippets, as well as advice on choosing the right keywords.


If desired, we design and develop additional iOS and Android apps to get your application into the app stores.

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For high-availability scenarios, we virtualize your application with Docker; each building block (database, file system, application, firewall) can be managed individually.


With Google Analytics, we provide you with a powerful tool to analyze the origin and behavior of users.

Your Contact

Detlef Hüttemann, CEO