Case Study:
Resource App

Studien-Plattform für das Max-Planck-Institut

Resource Project

In 2015, the Resource Project of the Max Planck Institute investigated the impact of mental training. After the success of the study, CosmoCode was commissioned to develop tools to use mental training in further study use cases.

The resource application is a platform for managing and conducting mental trainings; tools here are meditations and dyadic exercises.

Using the maintenance backend, instructors can organize courses, generate and schedule questionnaires, meditations and exercises. A special pairing algorithm ensures random and evenly distributed combinations for partner exercises. This involves automatic reassignments if partners are unavailable at short notice.

Study participants use the resource app to carry out exercises outside of the presence appointments. The dyad functions are particularly relevant here - in these partner exercises, participants are asked to communicate certain facts or moods to their partner. Technically, this has been realized via a voice chat function, which works analogously to telephony functions. The course of the dyads is programmatically planned and is synchronously carried out for both partners via the app.

The resource application was implemented by CosmoCode with Python/Django and React. The telephony function was implemented with WebRTC.

Max-Planck-Institut for Cognitive and Brain Sciences
2017 - 2019

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