You would like to have a Wordpress website created?

Wordpress is a popular software, that can be used to create homepages quickly and inexpensive.

Seven reasons for Wordpress

What makes Wordpress so special? Wordpress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS) to build websites. That has many reasons:

OpenSource and free

Wordpress is freely available (open source) and usable without license fees!

Many finished designs available

There are many finished designs for Wordpress, therefore no design services need to be ordered separately.

Extendible with plugins

There are thousands of available Wordpress plugins to extend the functionality - many, like Wordpress itself for free!

SEO optimized

Wordpress contents per se SEO optimized very well, and for fine tuning there are special Wordpress SEO plugins. This results in a good visibility of the Wordpress homepage in search engines like Google.


Even a real shop can be built with Wordpress - thanks to the Wordpress plugin WooCommerce.

Simple in usage

Wordpress is optimized for users. You don't need any programming skills to create or update contents. This gives you independence.

Optimized for smartphones

Most of the available Wordpress designs are already mobile optimized - using the so-called responsive design, your website will look good on smartphones as well - no matter if it's iPhone or Android.

What is Wordpress: in a nutshell

Wordpress is a software to build and operate websites. The technical term is Content Management System (CMS).

Wordpress is installed on the server of your homepage and can be used with the browser of your choice - you don't need to install any software on your computer. The functionality to change content is of course secured with a password.

Wordpress is originally a blog system and makes it possible to create a web blog / an article series that can be commented by other users. Wordpress grew out of that niche long ago though.

Tasks for a Wordpress Relaunch

What needs to be done to take a website with Wordpress into operation?

Define goals and structure your content

Firstly, it must be clear which goals are pursued with the homepage; starting from this, the content pages are set. If one of the goals is to advertise wares or services, contact options ("call to action") must also be set - contact form, e-mail address, telephone number, organizer, purchase button etc.

Picking the Domain

A free domain, fitting the company must be searched, picked and registered.

Picking hoster and installation

The Wordpress application must be installed on a web server that is run by a hosting service.

Picking the design template and configuration

The Wordpress design template, matching your intentions must be picked and configured. If there is no matching template, a design can be developed individually, that is expensive though.

Installing plugins

The necessary Wordpress plugins must be researched, installed and configured: Organizer, SEO optimizer, multi-language - for almost any purpose there is a solution. Recommendation: limit on the necessary, because whatever is installed must also be maintained.

Populate the content

The effort to process content is not to underestimate! Internet users are impatient, the competitor is only one click away.

Texts must be structured well and easily readable, match the target audience and lead to a plot.

Create pictures and add them

Pictures are important for the homepage and ease up the texts. The pictures must match the design in terms of color mood and orientation.

Setup tracking

With the right tracking tools, you can analyze what the users are interested in, where they're entering (landing page), where they stay and where they leave (exit page). It's also important to know what Google search terms are used by the user to get to your page - this offers the possibility of optimizations. Recommended tools are Google Analytics and the Google Search Console - both are free.

Legal information and GDPR texts

Strong demands are made on the legal information and the privacy policy. A website processes user data and must be GDPR compliant!

Going live and optimization

Once everything's done and the site is up, the tracking tools should be examined regularly to figure out if the user paths correspond to the expectations. If the user count via the google search engine isn't enough, online marketing can assist.

Ads are relatively uncomplicated; newsletters and Facebook activity require regular activity though.

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