Python/Django Agentur from Berlin

CosmoCode is a Berlin Agency with focus on Python/Django applications. Python/Django apps are solid, fast and innately provided with advanced security concepts.

make or buy?

The programming language Python and the Application framework Django are our first choice for developing individual internet applications.

Individual applications are becoming relevant, when standard-solutions aren't enough anymore. Typically this is about business applications, reflecting complex business processes, or to put it in a different way - "digital transformation".
But even though there are out-of-the-box solutions, often they are not 100% fitting. The customization of a standard solution is then becoming an individual project. It is important to check beforehand, if a solution built with a specialized framework might be cheaper and done quicker.

Why Django?

We are developing individual software for over 20 years now and got to know a lot of technologies. Python and Django joined us in 2011.

Python / Django are convincing us due to their incredible performance and full feature-set. In Python / Django you're just programming the business-logic; basic features are well enough supported.

As a customer, you're profitting form software, that isn't making you dependant on your service provider.

Code produced by professional Django-developers is comprehensible, business-oriented and maintainable. We believe, that the certainty to no be dependent on a service provider like CosmoCode is a good reason to work with us long-term.

As a customer, you're profiting from service-provider independent software.

Competences from CosmoCode as system house for Python / Django Apps

CosmoCode entwickelt seit 20 Jahren individuelle Anwendungen und hat somit eine umfassende Expertise nicht nur in technischer Sicht, sondern auch Erfahrung im langfristigen Betrieb solcher Anwendungen.
Die Vielzahl der gemeisterten Herausforderungen durch die permanenten technischen Eruptionen im Digitalsektor verschaffen uns eine gesunde Orientierung bei der Entscheidung für zukunfsfähige und zukunftssichere Technologien.

Consultation and Concept

Without a concept, we're going nowhere. Often the concept also is the only possibility to create a binding offer. It's our goal to fully understand your business target. Your business success is our issue and opens the possibility for both sides to continue the way together.

Agile, iterative developement

We are developing the application in close coordination with you. The concrete procedure results from the time quota that you can bring into the project as customer. Even if your time is very tight, peek-meetings to inform you about the state of development are essential.

Rapid Development

We are developing using the CI/CD principle (Continuous Integration / Continuous Development) for some years now. To put it short, it's aiming to integrate the developmental work into your system as fast as possible. You're getting access to the testing system and can track the progression of our work.

React Frontend

Frontend technologies developed rapidly over the last few years, which lead to web applications being quite similar to desktop applications today.
We've experienced these developments and decided to use React, which was made by Facebook for their website, but is also offered ad open source solution for the general public.

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