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You want an app to be developed? We develop apps for smartphones and tablets, for iOS and Android devices.

5 good reasons for apps

Are apps still needed? Good question, given that modern websites behave almost as elegant and native as apps.

Ability to be offline

Native apps are working without internet as well. Data exchange with other devices or servers is happening automatically, as soon as the device is online again.


With the app icon, your logo is visible on your customers device. An own app also signals digitization expertise.

Access to the camera

With an app its easy to take photos and process them directly inside the app. Upload dialogues are omitted.

Never forget the password again

In a native app, your customers stay logged in once and for all. Never again problems with customers forgetting their password.

Push Notifications

With push notifications, your notifications aren't sent per mail anymore, but directly to the user's device. Ideal to communicate on short ways.

iOS, Android or Hybrid?

Apps usually need to be developed for 2 platforms: iOS and Android. What does that mean? If you're developing for one platform directly, it's called native programming: for iOS programming is done in the programming language Swift or Objective-C, for Android, programming is done in Java. Native programming results in the best performance and usability, but also means two times the effort. A possible solution is hybrid programming.

An approach, preferred by CosmoCode is hybrid development: central parts of the application are built as WebViews for both platforms once; only when necessary, development is done native individually. This saves costs!

Data administration: the backoffice

An app alone doesn't do the trick - the app content must come and the user data go somewhere. In the backoffice system, you have the possibility to provide data for the apps and control them. Depending on the kind of app, you can manage purchases, notifications, media etc.

CosmoCode has long-term experience with developing database systems and data.managed backoffice applications. We master both sides - the app frontend and upkeep of the backend. Our preferred technology is Python/Django applications.

Embedding content using TYPO3 or Wordpress

Apps can also embed contents of existing websites. If they're optimized for mobile, they're also adjusting to the layout of the device. The only thing remaining is optimization. It's often required for example, to remove the website's navigation menus and replace them with the app navigation. Data coming from other servers however, requires an internet connection. This problem can be solved with offline-caches though.

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