DokuWiki Advising & Consulting

Since 2005 we have been dealing with wikis: at this time DokuWiki was developed to build our intranet.

DokuWiki Workshops

Every IT introduction is coupled to investments - even open source products are costing time and therefore money. Our experiences about the usage of wikis in businesses are gladly given to you. With the DokuWiki Workshop, you can clarify if DokuWiki is the right system for your needs and what kind of tasks are approaching you. We offer workshops for you, individual preparation for your topics, processing/analysis right on site or at CosmoCode.

DokuWiki Custom Plugins

You're using DokuWiki and need specific functions? CosmoCode can support you with developing individual plugins.


Since 2005, we are running WikiMatrix, the leading portal for comparing wiki software. Inform directly on


ICKEwiki was concepted and developed in 2 years together with the Fraunhofer Instituten IFF Magdeburg and ISST Berlin, the university of applied sciences Berlin (HTW), as well as three pilot users, using DokuWiki as base. The outstanding feature is the ability to portray, connect and aggregate business structures and methods. ICKEwiki is now an inherent part of our wiki business. Connected to the technical solution, we are offering methodical Support for introducing the System in your company. Inform directly on