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Responsive Web Design

When it comes to presenting information, services, or products on mobile devices, developing a responsive website is essential.

Responsive Web Design is a technique that allows websites to be designed so that they are optimally displayed on various devices and screen sizes.

Specifically, this means that the layout of the website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen on which it is displayed. Images are automatically loaded in the appropriate resolution, texts and font sizes are scaled to be easily readable on any device, and navigation elements are arranged to be easily operable even on small screens.

The development of a responsive website is also an important factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Google prefers websites that are optimized for mobile devices and rewards them with better rankings in search results.

Responsive design is therefore always considered in the implementation of web projects by CosmoCode.

Smartphone Apps

To maintain a permanent presence on your customers' smartphones, developing your own app is a good option. However, not all apps are the same. We are happy to advise you on which type of app is right for your project.

Native Apps

Native apps are mobile applications that are specifically developed for a particular operating system (e.g., iOS or Android). They are created using native programming languages and tools for the respective operating system (e.g., Swift or Objective-C for iOS, Java or Kotlin for Android).

  • Full access to all device features
  • Native look and feel
  • Offline capability
  • Double development costs
  • Complex app store release process

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps combine features of native apps and web apps.

Here, only small parts of the code are written in the native language of the operating system, while the majority of the functionality runs platform-independently on the web.

  • Lower development costs
  • Updates possible without app store release
  • Offline capability only with native code
  • Device functions only with native code
  • No native look and feel

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are websites with app-like features. Responsive web design is combined with modern web technologies here, enabling an app-like user experience. PWAs are platform-independent and can be installed without app stores.

  • Lower development costs
  • Updates and installation without app store
  • Access to many device features
  • Offline capability
  • Only available on current phones
  • No native look and feel

App Store Presence?

In the past, presence in app stores was an important factor for the success of mobile applications. Visibility in app stores was crucial to make users aware of one's offerings. However, in recent years, the function of app stores as discovery platforms has been steadily declining. Additionally, users are becoming less willing to install new apps.

Furthermore, the requirements for publishing apps in app stores have become increasingly restricted in recent years. Apple and Google act as gatekeepers, deciding which apps can be published in the app stores. When services are also sold through the app, the associated commissions become an additional cost factor.


Here is a selection of mobile solutions we have implemented for our customers.

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