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We develop apps for smartphones and tablets, for iOS and Android devices!

5 reasons

Do we actually still need apps? A good question, after all, modern websites behave almost as elegantly as natively programmed apps.

Offline Capability

Native apps also work without the Internet. Data synchronization with other devices or servers takes place automatically as soon as the device is back on the network.


With the app icon, your logo is stored on your customer's smartphone. In addition, your own app also signals digitization competence.


With an app, it's easy to take photos and process them directly in the app. Upload dialogs are no longer necessary.

Always logged in

In a native app, your customers stay logged in once and for all. No more problems with customers forgetting their password.

Push Notifications

With Push Notifications, you no longer send messages by mail, but directly to the user's cell phone. Ideal when you want to communicate quickly.

Our Best Practices

For a successful smartphone application, you need more than just an app in the store.


One of CosmoCode's preferred approaches is hybrid programming: central parts of the application are built as HTML view once for all platforms; only if necessary, individual native development is done. This saves costs - even twice, if a classic desktop application is to be developed in addition.


An app alone is not enough - the content for the apps has to come from somewhere.

CosmoCode has many years of experience in developing database systems and data-driven back-office applications. We are proficient on both sides - the app frontend and the maintenance backend. Our preferred technology for this is Django applications.


Editorial content from existing websites can also be integrated into apps. If they are built mobile optimized, they adapt to the layout of the device. We have extensive experience with the content management systems TYPO3 and Wordpress, which can be connected as content providers.


An excerpt of our iOS and Android app implementations:

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