Convincing corporate websites with Wordpress

Wordpress is next to TYPO3 our favorite CMS. We prefer to use it for small and medium-sized websites.

7 reasons for using Wordpress

Open Source and free of charge

Wordpress is freely available (open source) and can be used with no license costs!

Extendable with plugins

There are thousands of ready-made Wordpress plugins that can be used to extend its functionality - many of which, like Wordpress itself, are free!

Easy to use

Wordpress is optimized for users, you don't need programming skills to update content. This gives you independence.

SEO Optimized

Wordpress websites are excellently SEO optimized out of the box. With the right editorial content, Wordpress websites achieve top rankings in search engines. We advise you on content strategy and keyword selection, and check SEO effectiveness using SEO diagnostic tools.


With e-commerce plugins Wordpress can be extended to work as a small web store. We clarify the requirements with you, integrate the plugins and configure the store for you.


For Wordpress, a variety of ready-made design themes are already available. Based on your design specifications (logo, colors, fonts) and the content of the website, we propose suitable templates, take over the integration in Wordpress and adapt the design to your specifications.

Mobile Optimized

Most of the available Wordpress designs are already mobile optimized - by using the so-called responsive design, the website looks good even on the smartphone - no matter if iPhone or Android.

Wordpress References

CosmoCode creates your new Wordpress Website for you

Goals and Content Structuring

First of all, it must be clear what the goals of a homepage are; based on this, the content pages are determined. If one of the goals is to promote goods or services, contact options ("calls to action") must be defined - contact form, email address, phone number, scheduler, buy button, etc.

Domain selection

Matching the company, an available domain is searched, selected and registered with a domain registrar.

Host Selection and Installation

The Wordpress application is installed on a web server operated by a suitable hoster.

Design Selection

The wordpress design template that suits your project will be selected, configured and customized if needed.

Plugin Installation

The required Wordpress plugins are researched, installed and configured: Scheduler, SEO Optimizer, multilingualism - there are solutions for almost every purpose. Recommendation: limit the choice to only what is strictly necessary - every installed piece of software will need maintenance.

Content Creation

The effort of editorial content preparation should not be underestimated! Internet users are impatient, the competitor is only a click away.

Texts must be well-structured and easy to read, fit the target group and lead to an action.

We advise you on content preparation and also give tips on SEO optimization of the content.

Creation and Integration of Photos

Pictures are important for a homepage and make content less monotonous. The photos must fit in their image format (portrait, landscape, ...) and the color mood to the design.

We support you in the creation or procurement of the photos and can also take over the image processing.

Tracking setup

We take care of the tracking setup for you. With the right tracking tools you can analyze what interests your users, where they enter (landing pages), and where they end the visit again (exit pages). Recommended tools are Google Analytics and Google Search Console - both are free.

Imprint and GDPR texts

Strong requirements are placed on the imprint and data protection regulations. A website processes user data and must be GDPR compliant.

Go-Live and Optimization

When the site is finally up and running, regular checks should be made in the tracking tools to see whether the user paths are meeting expectations. If the number of users via Google search engine is not sufficient, online marketing can be used to help.

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Jörg Riebesell, CEO