PHP + Java = Palava

The best of both worlds. Designed for large online communities, palava is our tool to connect PHP frontend server with Java backends.


  • Easily scalable
  • Highly efficient
  • Ready for usage from June 2007 on
  • Easy integration into every PHP framework

When selecting the proper development tools to build individual solutions like highly frequented web sites, you often ask yourself: PHP or Java?

Although Java is the ideal plattform for enterprise applications, in development of web user interfaces PHP is the dominant programming language. With palava we created a communication protocol which joins both languages fleet-footedly. Now frontend servers, which keep to the presentation of the contents, can be run with PHP. While the JAVA backend servers take on the business logic, working processes and data maintenance.

Especially when using MVC tools like CodeIgniter, Palava can show its qualities - the model logic can be delegated to the backend with simple tools.

Unlike connection protocols like SOAP, Palava is quite lightweight. Therefore it is possible - and desired - that PHPand Java talk to each other repeatedly during one single browser request - the name “Palava” emphasizes this nature. Appropriately, the data is transferred into PHP notation, so that it is available to the PHP frontend without time-consuming parsing. On the Java side an API is available for creating backend jobs.

Because the session management is run by the Java backend, large, “real” objects can be stored there as well. Furthermore the scaling is considerably simplified - there is no need for an expensive load balancer with session stickyness, a simple DNS-round-robin works as well.

Palava is available for free (Apache License 2.0) at