ICKEwiki was created in a two year research project in coorperation the Fraunhofer societies IFF Magdeburg and ISST Berlin and the University of Technology and Commerce Berlin (HTW). It is based on DokuWiki and was created and tested in close cooperation with three pilot companies.

Its most prominent feature is the ability to model, link and automatically aggregate business structures and processes.

Besides providing a technical solution, a well defined process to introduce the wiki in a enterprise was devised. This process ensures a successful rollout with avoiding common pitfalls.

More info about the project and our offer is available on the (German) website ickewiki.de


ICKEWiki Parts

ICKEWiki is OpenSource based on DokuWiki, a special template and a selection of interacting plugins:

  • DokuWiki - The base wiki system
  • SprintDoc Template - A repsonsive, functional design
  • AddNewPage Plugin - Easy creation of new pages
  • Bureaucracy Plugin - Form based creation of new structures
  • Do Plugin - Manges To Do lists
  • dw2pdf Plugin - Creates PDF files from wiki pages
  • Editable Plugin - Easy creation of tables
  • Folded Plugin - Hide and show secondary information
  • highlightparent Plugin - Helps with the navigation
  • Imagemapping Plugin - Create image based link maps
  • Include Plugin - Include partial content from other pages
  • Log Plugin - Logbook mechanism
  • Move Plugin - Moves pages and adjusts links
  • Newpagetemplate Plugin - Custom template for new pages
  • QC Plugin - Quality control and suggestions
  • Sqlite Plugin - Database mechanism
  • Starred Plugin - Save favorite pages
  • Struct Plugin - Manage structured data
  • Structstatus Plugin - Assign status to pages
  • Tagging Plugin - Tag pages
  • Tplinc Plugin - Include default content in different parts of the wiki
  • Usercontact Plugin - Show additional Active Directory inofrmation for users
  • Userpagecreate Plugin - Create user pages based on templates
  • Wrap Plugin - More formatting options

All Plugins and detailled information is available on dokuwiki.org