DokuWiki Custom Plugins and Templates

Plugins are the best way to customize DokuWiki without losing the ability to upgrade. The official DokuWiki website lists hundreds of ready made plugins already. But existing plugins may not always fulfil your needs. Plugins might might be outdated, may have bugs, miss a crucial feature or might simply not exist for your use case.

This is where we step in. Over the years we created, updated and adjusted dozens of DokuWiki plugins for our customers around the world. And whenever such a plugin makes sense for a broader audience we give back to the community by releasing our plugins as Open Source. This way everyone wins when you hire us.

We're happy to help you with the following DokuWiki services:

  • check plugins for security problems
  • update plugins to newer DokuWiki versions
  • fix bugs and coding standard problems
  • add new features to existing plugins
  • create completely new plugins
  • adjust existing templates to your CI
  • create completely new templates according to your stye guides
  • integrate your wiki into your existing IT infrastructure (Active Directory, LDAP, oAuth, SAML, ...)

We also help you to setup a completely new wiki may it be public or internal. Please refer to our Wiki Services