ConTagged is a web-based address book for small companies written in PHP. It provides access to a company-wide address book, as well as private address books for each employee. All contact details are stored in the LDAPdirectory and are available from all common e-mail clients.

Contacts can be grouped and looked up in infinite ways by assigning tags to them.

ConTagged integrates perfectly into an existing infrastructure by using an existing LDAP directory for authenticating the users.

It was developed for our own needs and was released under the GNU General Public License.


  • Public company address book
  • Employees' personal address books
  • Tagging
  • Photo upload
  • Google Maps
  • Multilingual and easily extendable

Currently provided interface languages: Catalan, Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Slova, Turkish.

Git repository: contagged

Download: Version 0.7.2