PHP based web applications

PHP is an excellent technology when it comes to implementing lean, high-performance Internet applications.

The success of the Internet is inextricably linked to PHP - PHP is the most widely used programming language on web servers, accounting for well over 70% use.

At CosmoCode, PHP is often used when a lean software stack and highest performance is required. And PHP is also the foundation of many applications that we use at CosmoCode and adapt to customer needs: TYPO3, DokuWiki, Wordpress, vTiger. All these successful applications were programmed in PHP.

Our Expertise

Tools that fit the job

We pick the tools that fit the task. From lean, dependency-free pure PHP solutions to microframeworks like SlimPHP, to the de-facto standard Symfony, we can handle any project challenge you can think of.

Flexible frontend development

We use various technologies to implement the customer facing frontend of our applications. From simple, hand-crafted HTML and CSS, to complex frontend pipelines and precompilers, to templating languages like Twig to full-fledged React stacks.

Professional development infrastructure

Our code is managed, automatically tested and deployed via continous integration and is managed in code repositories. We adhere to modern PHP standards, use PHPUnit testing and follow PSR Guidelines.

Enterprise hosting and maintenance

Our PHP applications are professionally hosted and maintained. The operating system, PHP itself and the used libraries and frameworks are checked and updated daily for updates and security bulletins. Automated monitoring checks load, hardware and application resources and ensures continuous operational availability.

Why PHP?

There are many reasons to use PHP. Here are the most important ones:

Lean & compatible

As one of the first true web languages, PHP has matured and is well integrated into existing server infrastructures. And there is an immense breadth of utilities and frameworks. Excellent conditions to develop lean, maintainable, ballast-free applications.

Available applications

PHP is the basis of many excellent web solutions: TYPO3, Wordpress, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, vTiger. PHP is the most widely used programming language on web servers; 79% of all websites are run with PHP. By the way: Facebook was also programmed with PHP!

Large community

PHP is widely used in the developer community, and support in the OpenSource community is strong. Our own OpenSource products were also developed with PHP: DokuWiki and ConTagged.

PHP References

A selection of our PHP projects:

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Andreas Gohr, concepting & project management