We have been building first-class Internet applications for more than 20 years.

We specialize in content-management systems, knowledge-management solutions and individually-programmed web applications.


We implement complex audience and corporate websites with the Content Management Systems TYPO3 or Wordpress and thus create maintenance options for your online editors.

Web Applications

Whether Python/Django, PHP, Javascript/React or mobile Apps- we implement your requirements in tailor-made solutions.


As the leading DokuWiki experts, we support you in the introduction and maintenance of wikis in your company.

Our References

Over the past decades, we have implemented over 250 projects for more than 150 clients. In Germany, in Europe and worldwide. For SMEs and large corporations. For start-ups and agencies. For science and research.

Our Values


In order to develop good software for you, we need to understand you and your project. We develop functional and technical concepts together with you, give honest advice and let you participate in the project progress at any time.


You don't want vendor lock-in and we want clean code. We use common standards and test methods to ensure that our code remains maintainable and readable. This also entails that you get the unrestricted commercialization rights for your application and the program code.

Open Source

We use Free- and Open-Source software in our projects, not only because it is less costly for our customers, but also because we believe that free software is better software.

We are active in various open-source communities and publish our own open-source projects on Github.

Interested? Questions?

Call or email us if you have any questions about your project implementation.